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Bittersweet Contracting prides itself on offering the best quality flooring services in Concord, MA. A locally owned and operated flooring company, we’ve expanded across New England to bring our detail-oriented approach to a long list of satisfied customers. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, we’re committed to bringing you the excellent floors you deserve.

If you’re not quite sure what you want, you can see your options and get inspiration from our stock of a wide variety of popular flooring styles. Maybe you’d prefer something more unique and personal? We welcome custom projects and will work with you every step of the way to make your vision a reality. A new floor isn’t for everyone, of course – if all you want is to restore your old floor, then let our experts take the trouble off your shoulders!

Here at Bittersweet Contracting, perfection isn’t just our goal, it’s our way of doing business!

Here at Bittersweet Contracting, perfection isn’t our goal, it’s our way of doing business!

Expert Hardwood Flooring Company

Hardwood flooring is hard to beat: its solid structure gives it a durable sturdiness that will provide your home with an elegant look for decades.

Hardwood is difficult to damage seriously, which is one of the reasons for its perennial popularity. Another reason is its classic, smooth look: the perfect way to impress guests! Another point in hardwood’s favor is its versatility. Because of its relatively neutral colors, hardwood can potentially match well with many different styles of furnishing. This means that if you want to change your decor in a few years, your floor won’t need to be replaced. Furthermore, hardwood isn’t very demanding as far as maintenance is concerned. With a weekly sweeping or vacuuming, you’ll be good to go!

All these benefits of hardwood flooring bring an extra bonus along with them: hardwood can significantly increase the value of your home!

Professional Laminate Flooring Company

Laminate flooring is an excellent alternative to hardwood for someone on a tighter budget. Underneath the surface it’s constructed out of compressed wood, but the surface contains a picture layer that is covered by a thin but strong laminate layer. Because of this, laminate flooring can come in every style imaginable, while resisting scuffs and scratches even better than hardwood. It’s also much cheaper than hardwood, but the downside to this is that it will wear out after about ten years and have to be replaced – unlike hardwood, it can’t be sanded and refinished. Meanwhile, however, it’s quite easy to maintain, and can even resist fading much more successfully than hardwood.

If laminate flooring seems like the right fit for you, reach out to us! We’d love to provide you with both affordable materials and professional installation.

Reliable Engineered Hardwood Flooring Company

Engineered hardwood uses a relatively modern technology to make normal hardwood more robust, without sacrificing looks. It does this by using a thin surface layer of normal hardwood, underneath of which are combined layers of high density fiberboard.

This has several benefits. On the one hand, it’s a much more environmentally friendly process, since a single tree can be used for many more boards than it could if it were cut into completely solid planks. For the same reason, it’s often available in much wider board sizes than traditional hardwood. Furthermore, the sturdiness of the fiberboard makes the board much more resistant to moisture and warping, allowing it to be used in a kitchen or other area with fluctuating moisture levels.

Engineered hardwood isn’t necessarily the perfect fit for everyone. Its price is generally comparable with hardwood, but it also can’t be sanded or restored too many times.

Dependable Tile Flooring Company

Under some circumstances, the best flooring option is definitely tile. On the one hand, good tiles are often the most resistant and long-lasting of flooring types, particularly in potentially wet areas of a building, as for example bathrooms and kitchens. Because tiles are highly conductive of heat, they can also be a great choice if you want your floor to be cool in the summer – though the flip side of this is that it will be quite cold in winter!

Because of their extraordinary long life, tiles are often the floor of choice for businesses that expect the floor to handle heavy traffic, while providing a sharp and professional appearance as well.

Quality Flooring Restoration Services

All floors are worn down over time, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they must be replaced. Sometimes all that is required is sanding and refinishing, and your floor will be as good as new!

Surprisingly enough, a newly refinished floor is also more easy to clean than an old one, since its newly smoothed surface no longer contains dents and imperfections which could catch allergens or dirt. Our experts are standing by to help you make your home look like itself again.

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“Matt helped me bring my vision to light for our Home Office. He was very professional and would recommend to anyone looking for a tile guy.”

~ S Dolan, Belmont, MA
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