The floor in a room can set the tone for the entire space.

When remodeling your home, there are so many different floor ideas for living rooms and kitchens. Each flooring option, from hardwood floors to carpet, has different pros and cons depending on the space it occupies. Living rooms are usually spaces for community and comradery and their flooring should reflect that. Kitchens are places with a high risk for stains and spills, so durable and easy-to-clean floors are a must.

Here is a list of a few flooring ideas for living rooms and kitchens to help give you insight and inspiration for your home improvement project.


Hardwood is perhaps the most universal of all the flooring types and is suitable for almost any room. Hardwood floors are durable, have a classic look, and can increase the overall resale value of your home. (Additionally, you could consider increasing the value of your home with other types of wood-related projects or custom wood furniture.) They come in different sizes and varieties and are easy to clean. Though they can scratch easy and be noisy, adding a rug to hardwood floors can help. Rugs, whether it be large area rugs, layered rugs, or what have you, can add a splash of color and cozy feel to any space with hard floors (though we advise against rugs in kitchens).


Laminate floors are a popular flooring idea for homes because of their affordability, durability, and variety. They can have an appearance similar to hardwood and are easy to install yourself, low-cost alternative to hardwood. You can also add a layer of padding underneath laminate floors making them more comfortable underfoot. Laminate floors can scratch and are not always the best materials for kitchens (though they are a better option than carpet).


For living rooms, carpets can provide warmth and comfort while matching the decor and cozy feel of the room. Carpet comes in so many styles, colors, and varieties so it can match your furniture and sense of styles. Some interior designers say wall to wall carpet, though favorable for bedrooms, is not the best option for public space like a living room. If this is the case, try area rugs or only carpeting part of the floor while leaving some of the hardwood or other material exposed.

Carpets aren’t suitable for kitchens for one obvious reason: they’re hard to clean. You don’t want to deal with the hassle of food and grease stains and other damages kitchen activities can cause a carpet.


Concrete as a living room and kitchen floor idea has developed in the last few decades beyond garages and into people’s living spaces. Concrete is durable, easy to clean, and certainly more contemporary and minimalistic in style, giving rooms an open and crisp feel. These kinds of floors can be customized in several ways from painting and staining to scoring and polishing.


Tile, while not ideal for living rooms, is low maintenance, easy to clean, and can add an artistic flair to your kitchen floor. There are many different types of tile you can choose from standard ceramic to higher-quality materials like marble and terracotta. Tile is great because it comes in such a large variety of colors, sizes, and patterns, though it can be cold underfoot and sometimes hard to clean around the grout. Tile can also be the more expensive options because of material and labor costs.

Honorable Mentions

Some honorable mentions for other kitchen flooring ideas include bamboo, cork, rubber, vinyl, and stone.


Because of the different functionalities of each room, different floor ideas are better suited for either living rooms or kitchens. That being said, hardwood floors, other kinds of engineered hardwood or types of laminate flooring, and concrete are the most versatile and usable in both living room and kitchen spaces.

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