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Our experts at Bittersweet Contracting, LLC hold themselves responsible to bring you the best flooring services possible. As firmly established flooring contractors in Newburyport, MA, we’re committed to providing both businesses and homeowners with top-quality custom floors. Our years of experience and emphasis on perfection let us bring you the floor you want both quickly and affordably.

Many of our customers aren’t quite sure what they want yet. If this is you, we can help give you ideas by looking through our list of popular flooring styles. But if you already have a plan for a particular unique style, we’re ready and willing to help you bring it to reality! Finally, if you have a floor you already like, but think it could use a facelift, our floor restoration experts are here to make it happen.

Here at Bittersweet Contracting, perfection isn’t just our goal, it’s our way of doing business!

Here at Bittersweet Contracting, perfection isn’t our goal, it’s our way of doing business!

Dependable Hardwood Flooring Company

It’s hard to do better than hardwood flooring: not only will it give your room an elegant and welcoming atmosphere, but it will also remain looking wonderful for decades to come.

As the name might suggest hardwood floors don’t damage easily, a fact which helps to explain why this is one of the most popular flooring styles. Hardwood is also popular because of its pleasant, smooth look, which is an excellent way to impress friends and family. As an added bonus, hardwood comes in such a variety of shades and hues that it’s easy to find the perfect fit for the look you want. What’s more, hardwood’s neutral tones often go well with a wide variety of furnishings. And don’t forget that it’s a lot easier to clean than carpet!

All of hardwood’s other benefits combine together to make another one: having hardwood flooring can significantly increase the value of your home!

Reliable Laminate Flooring Company

Hardwood isn’t for everyone’s budget, so you may be wondering if there’s a more affordable alternative. Enter laminate flooring, which is constructed of a base of compressed wood with a tough protective layer on top. This layer is even more resistant to scratches than hardwood, though unlike hardwood once it has been damaged it can’t be refinished.

While not on par with real hardwood visually, laminate flooring can still have a clean, sharp look. What’s more, it comes in an enormous variety of styles, even more than hardwood! It doesn’t need more than a quick sweep or vacuum to clean, while most versions include special UV protection that prevents it from fading.

Looking for laminate flooring? We can supply you, and provide top-notch installation while we’re at it.

Expert Engineered Hardwood Flooring Company

One disadvantage of hardwood is that it can be vulnerable to warping. This typically isn’t a major problem, but it can become more serious in an environment or room with highly fluctuating moisture levels, such as a bathroom or kitchen. If you’re concerned this might be an issue, but still want the classic look of hardwood for your floor, then you should seriously consider engineered hardwood.

Engineered hardwood is made of several layers of real wood: the surface is thinly layered with normal hardwood, letting you and your visitors enjoy the classic feel of hardwood. Underneath the surface are multiple levels of HDF (high density fiberboard). The fiberboard makes the overall board much more stable and resistant to moisture.

If engineered hardwood is so great, why doesn’t everyone have it? For one thing, it’s fairly comparable to traditional hardwood in terms of expense. For another, unlike traditional hardwood it can’t be refinished too many times before the thin top surface will be worn through. Nevertheless, engineered hardwood remains a popular choice for many, perhaps because its increased efficiency makes it more environmentally friendly!

Quality Tile Flooring Company

If durability is the most important thing in a floor for you, you may want to consider tile flooring. Tile is the longest lasting kind of floor, even in areas of high traffic. What’s more, when installed properly it’s completely water resistant, making it a popular choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Tiles can come in plain and neutral colors, but there are also a very wide variety of designs available: whatever look you’re aiming for, it’s a safe bet there’s a tile for it.

Tile’s long lifespan also makes it a perfect choice for businesses that want a sturdy, durable floor that will be both professional and easy to clean. Call us today to learn more!

Professional Flooring Restoration Services

Unfortunately, even with the best of care a hardwood floor will pick up scratches and scuffs over the years. Fortunately, these scratches can be removed through our experts’ floor restoration skills. Then you can enjoy your same old floor looking brand new!

Another consideration about refinished floors is that they stay clean more easily, since dust and allergens aren’t caught by scrapes and indentations anymore. If you’d like to make your home look like new, call our experts now!

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“Matt helped me bring my vision to light for our Home Office. He was very professional and would recommend to anyone looking for a tile guy.”

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